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Our firm specializes in civil litigation, in other words, lawsuits. We are different from other firms in that we strive to think outside the box and look for creative, cost efficient solutions for our clients, all the while remembering that our primary duty is to obtain justice. Our job is to go toe-to-toe with anyone on behalf of our clients.


Whether our office is handling a high profile civil rights case against the government or a business dispute among co-founders, we always take the same approach: We exhaustively research both our and the opposing party's positions and keep our client involved in all aspects of the litigation.


We are not just your lawyers, but your partners in court. 

Focusing on the following areas:

Constitutional Rights Violations

Police Misconduct

Employment Law

Age, Sex and Race Discrimination

Catastrophic Injuries

Wrongful Death



Trademark Disputes

Founder Disputes

International Disputes

Litigation & Arbitration

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