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$2.1 Million Settlement against San Francisco County Jail

Together with attorneys Stanley Goff and Yolanda Huang, we represented hundreds of inmates at San Francisco County Jail who were exposed to raw sewage between January 2017 and September 2018 at County Jail #4. During that period, toilets would back up and raw sewage would spill into the inmates' cells - cells where the inmates slept and ate. Through discovery, we uncovered evidence that city staff knew how to resolve the flooding but did not believe the solution - the installation of a machine to prevent back-ups - was cost effective at over $180,000. In the end, San Francisco agreed to pay $2.1million to settle our federal lawsuits alleging civil rights violations. The Board of Supervisors approved the settlement in July and more importantly, San Francisco will be shutting down County Jail #4 by November 2020.


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